Twenty years ago, Jay and Anna Ortiz left their restaurant industry jobs behind to pursue their dreams and open their own restaurant — Anamia’s Tex-Mex, named after Anna and their daughter Mia, on Sandy Lake Road in Coppell. That restaurant became so popular that people had to wait inside the door (there really was no proper waiting area) or outside on the sidewalk for a table. Eventually, Jay and Anna moved their restaurant to the larger space it currently occupies.

Their first success led to others, and, today, there are four Anamia’s Tex-Mex locations, with more on the way. But Jay Ortiz has not forgotten his roots, or the loyal customers that made Anamia’s Tex-Mex possible. You will still find him in the dining room or the kitchen supporting the teams that make the restaurants great. Many menu items are named for family members, employees, and longtime restaurant friends.


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