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Smiling, Fang Yun touched Nu Nu's head and said, "It seems that you are a little fox with only a conscience." Nu immediately grinned and jumped up and down happily. After dinner, Fang Yun returned to the house and picked up the demon pen to observe carefully. This is an ordinary small regular script brush, light brown penholder, gray-white pen head, the penholder of this brush is obviously ordinary bamboo, but it feels like jade in the hand, and it weighs a full kilogram. Fang Yun took a deep breath and wrote with ink. He found that because the brush was too heavy, writing was awkward, but in the future he might often use the Wenbao pen to write, so he decided to practice calligraphy with the Dangyao pen. Unfortunately, he is still a child, unable to use the power of an armchair strategist to inspire a demon pen. As he wrote, Fang Yun thought, "After what happened today, Liu Zicheng is bound to use other means to attack me. I must pay attention. I will never leave the city before I master the armchair strategist.". He dare not kill me as long as it is within the shadow of the holy temple. I will try to keep a low profile in the admission report on the 10th of this month, otherwise I will be used by him. "Now my foundation in Fucheng is still weak, and there is no effective help.". When I become a former scholar, even if you don't come to me, I will take the initiative to find you and solve your big trouble! After practicing calligraphy, Fang Yun picked up a book called Jing Yi Shu Jie, which is a book that teaches children how to write Jing Yi to test scholars. From the above, Fang Yun found an article with the title of "Seeking and Getting", and wrote it in the way that Cai He,best whirlpool tub, the county magistrate, taught him, without using the world of wonderful books, and then judged it with the method in the book. Fang Yun analyzed it carefully. The meaning of my sutra should not be D, at least C, or even C. The shortcoming of my Sutra is that it is not deep enough to fully elaborate this sentence of Mencius, and it is not strong enough to solve the problem. But the advantage is that, as a modern person, I accept the baptism of massive information,outdoor whirlpool tub, which is beyond the level of ordinary scholars in terms of "conception" and "enumeration", and conception is precisely one of the important aspects of classics and policy theory. "Simply put, the meaning of the classics is to explain the topic first, then use their own examples or opinions to confirm the previous explanation, then quote some famous opinions to support it, and finally end.". The meaning of the title of "Seek and Get" is to seek and work hard to get. I prove my point through the three kinds of people, namely, innocent children, reckless young people and wise old people. Then I quote the half-holy words I learned a few days ago to prove my point. There is no problem in the basic structure. "Next, I want to exercise my ability to solve problems, learn to use the sharpest sentences to make the examiner's eyes shine at the beginning, then attract the examiner with novel ideas, and then find out the idea of the examiner to write the holy quotations that the examiner likes." However, even if I want to cater to the examiner, I can't go against my own ideas! I am writing for my holy way, not for the imperial examination! When Fang Yun thought of this, he immediately noticed that Wen Gong had a slight tremor, and his talent was more concise and more effective than studying hard for three days in a row. Fang Yun is more convinced of his choice. "Fang Yun continued to read the Sutra Interpretation for three hours before he could see the way." The author of Jing Yi Shu Jie was originally an ordinary Jinshi in Jingguo, hot tub wholesale ,outdoor endless pool, who had a very good understanding of the pattern of Jing Yi, which was of great help to me, but the defect was that his thinking was too solidified, he paid too much attention to "skill", and when it came to "skill", it was somewhat poor, not to mention "Tao". "The structure of the meaning of a sutra and its transition are all techniques, but how to make the topic profound and the idea novel is the scope of the technique. As for Tao, it is the thought that is comparable to all saints, and I dare not expect it at present.". According to my inference, as long as you master the skills, you can be a scholar, and if you want to pass the examination, you must have your own skills, and if you want to pass the examination, you need to practice both skills and skills to the degree of perfection. "As for Tao, at least Hanlin can touch the threshold.". No wonder the imperial examination only goes to Jinshi, because Taoism is not an examination that can distinguish between high and low. "I understand that" skill "can be clearly explained, but" Tao "and" skill "are difficult to learn in a fixed pattern, so I will find the shortcomings of this book. If you want to learn the real art and Tao, others can't teach it, and there is no shortcut. "Look more.". Read a lot of the classics of celebrities and even saints, even if their classics are not suitable for the imperial examination.
Their articles are like seeds, which may be useless at ordinary times, but they are bound to take root and sprout at critical moments and form inspiration. "Think more.". Think about what is good about other people's classics, think about what are your shortcomings and how to correct them, and think about how to strengthen your strengths. "Write more.". Seeing and thinking are all'collecting 'rather than'releasing'. Only by constantly writing, can we master how to express our ideas and thoughts correctly and achieve the goal of collecting and releasing freely. "Read all of this Jing Yi Shu Jie." Fang Yun did not hesitate to receive this book in the world of wonderful books, and even if he read it again, he would only read it extensively but not intensively. Fang Yun continued to read other books on the guidance of the classics, and with experience, he no longer read them word by word, but jumped to read them. At the beginning of the month, the moonlight was dim, the room was dark, and there were no lights or candles, but it did not affect Fang Yun's reading at all. Not long after, Fang Yun turned to the early works of Zhu Hongzhi, a great Confucian scholar, and even mentioned the idea of reading more, thinking more and writing more. As if he had found a treasure, he immediately decided to buy Zhu Hongzhi's anthology tomorrow. He is indeed a great Confucian scholar. He can not only write by himself, but also teach people. His scriptures can be regarded as a model, with strict structure, clear organization and novel ideas, which is completely equivalent to teaching people by hand. This "Star Collection" is really a must-read article for examinees. Unfortunately, other candidates can not read as fast as I can not quickly identify, or bad luck can not see, or can not understand its meaning, unfortunately. If you can understand this book, supplemented by other learning, it is more than enough to test a scholar. Fang Yun solemnly included the collection of stars in the world of wonderful books, and then closed his eyes and read it repeatedly. As soon as I opened my eyes, it was four o'clock in the morning, and it was dawn. Dragon Palace Blood Ginseng is really a good thing,endless pool swim spa, and I am still full of energy. If the Dragon Palace is full of blood, it is enough to sleep only two hours a day! In this way, my chances of becoming a scholar this year have greatly increased. Fang Yun left his desk and went to bed on the Kang. ; Chapter 48 Fox to rhyme. monalisa.com