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"They have gone to the port ahead of time and will wait for us on the ship." "Thanks to the merciful God, thanks to the Virgin Mary, I can finally leave this hell, and our family can finally be reunited." The father made the sign of the cross on his chest and tears filled his eyes. We came to the back door. There were no servants at the back door. Because Oscar had already made preparations, his servants had prepared wine and food, there was a party upstairs, and the servants downstairs were having the same party. They called all the leisure servants together, both men and women were drinking and dancing, so no one noticed that two figures ran out of the back door quietly. There was a small carriage outside the back door. My father got into the back seat. I got on the bridge and was about to leave with a whip. Then I heard a woman screaming. Stop! Where are you going? Oh my God! Stop it! Do you hear me? Tell you to stop! The woman ran madly in front of my carriage and was about to crash into it. I quickly reined in the carriage. The woman was holding a lamp in our way. I fixed my eyes on it. It was Lady Avril. In the dim candlelight, her face was like a ghost from hell, with an angry and twisted look that made people panic. Oh my God, it's you. Father's voice trembled slightly. Lady Ivy desperately climbed into the carriage. She tore her father's clothes and said, "Get down here. Where are you going?"? You bastard, how dare you run away when I'm not looking! I don't think you want to live! This elegant woman, like a street shrew at this time, beat and scolded my father. What do you think you are? If it wasn't for me, you'd still be begging in the street! I gave you a rich life, and this is how you repay me? When did you prepare the carriage? Who helped you escape? My God, you just. Just let me go! I don't want to stay here any longer. I want to leave here with my wife and children. The father pleaded, "You have enough money, don't you?"? Even if the baron is gone, your life will be as rich as ever, and you won't need me at all. "Get off, get off!" The woman still tore her father and tried to pull him out of the carriage. Son, leave her alone and drive away without stopping. The father pushed the woman and said. I panicked, because the woman was clinging to the carriage,Beverage packing machine, and I drove the carriage a few steps, but even though she was dragging on the ground, she still refused to let go, but her voice was soft. Listen to me, John. I know I've done something wrong. We can discuss it. If you have other requirements, I can satisfy you. I can give you some money. Please don't go. Please stay. For the sake of taking care of you for so long. The father is apparently also anxious, he shouted to the woman: "Take care of me!"! Imprison me as a prisoner! I will never stay. Let go of me. He did not know what to do, and the woman gave a cry of pain and was pushed out of the carriage. Go, go, go! The father urged. No, she's still holding the door. I steered the carriage for two steps, only to find that she was clinging to the door and would not let go, and then screamed. Somebody, water filling machine ,liquid bottle filling machine, help! Someone's trying to kidnap the Baron! She shouted at the top of her voice, "Come on, come on …" Although there were no servants around, her voice grew louder and louder, and for fear of being discovered, I jumped out of the carriage and went to the back, trying to knock her unconscious. Unexpectedly, unlike her weak appearance, this woman was very strong. As soon as I approached, she grabbed me and tore and beat me, shouting at the same time. I didn't know what to do, and there was a cold sweat on my forehead. When I tried to cover her mouth, she bit my wrist hard. Oh! Under the pain of eating, I subconsciously hit her neck with my elbow. After a muffled sound, the woman fell into my arms and disappeared. I threw her on the ground, took a few rough breaths, and then jumped into the carriage. Let's go. I said with an unsteady breath. But my father pressed my arm and jumped out of the carriage. Then he went to the woman's side and stood in a daze.
In the dark, I couldn't see my father's face clearly. I thought he was worried about the woman. I couldn't help worrying. Didn't he want to go? Yes, after all, they have been together for many years. The father stood by the woman all the time without saying a word. Suddenly, he squatted down and seemed to be looking for something. I also jumped out of the carriage and walked to him, but before I reached him, I saw an incredible scene. The father held something like a stone and hit the woman hard on the head. As my father's arm fell, I heard the muffled sound of heavy objects falling on the flesh, and I seemed to hear the sound of blood flowing. The woman woke up with a cry of pain, but the sound was very weak. Help Help I grabbed my father and uttered a broken sentence from my trembling lips: "Don't.." Stop fighting.. Stop it. Father's strength became incredible in this moment, he pushed me away, continued to lift the stone, hit the woman in the face, in the dark came the dull sound of the stone hitting the flesh and blood, and the faint hum of the woman.. Bitch! Go to hell! Father's voice is very crazy, that kind of hatred from the depths of the soul, with the cold to the bone: "You separated our family, let my wife and children suffer outside, but also imprisoned me like a prisoner, go to your splendor and wealth!"! Do you think others are rare! Damn you! You go to hell! The father hit again and again, repeating over and over again: "You go to hell!"! You go to hell! I was completely stunned by the scene in front of me, and my mind was blank. The cold wind of the winter night was freezing, but I didn't feel cold at all, because the blood on the woman's body was so hot, the heat shone on my body, on my face, on my hands,bottle blowing machine, and the steaming blood seemed to burn my whole body. 'Bang, bang, bang '. gzxilinear.com