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Fairy Sword 4 Story Begins Chapter 127 Moonlight Night "No?" Meng Hui said in surprise, "Then why did you bring me here to see the idol?" "What's there to see? It's just a selfish and indifferent guy anyway." What are you doing here? Leave It sounded as if she was in a fit of pique. Xuan'e's voice was cold. With a wave of her long sleeves, the candles on both sides went out, and the hall returned to darkness. What's going on here? It was fine just now. Feeling Xuan E's hand pulling her hard, anxious to pull herself away, Meng Hui was puzzled, "." Did I say something wrong. "Xuan'e." Following Xuan'e out of the hall, looking at the tight pretty face beside her, Meng Hui asked cautiously, "." Where are we going next? "I'm not going anywhere." Xuan'e said coldly, waving back, the door of the main hall of Qionghua closed, "If you want to go anywhere, I'll accompany you." Although it sounded like he was angry, Meng Hui was relieved. With Xuan'e's temper, if he was angry with himself, he would definitely not answer. Since he was willing to speak, there would be no problem. …… "Well, I'm afraid they're still waiting in front of the Qionghua Palace. Let's go and see them." After a little meditation, Meng Hui suggested. Meng Hui.. Xuan'e gazed at Meng Hui, frowned, and said slowly, "." I still can't understand why you always care about people who have nothing to do with you, even yourself. "This.." Meng Hui hesitated,eye cream packaging tube, but did not know how to answer. Forget it, I understand, you are just like this. Xuan'e shook her head slightly and suddenly smiled, infinitely charming, as soul-stirring as an iceberg thawing. If not, you wouldn't have promised to keep me, and I wouldn't have liked you. "Xuan'e." Looking blankly at the beautiful smile in front of him, Meng Hui forgot how to speak in an instant. What you want to do is up to you. I'll help you no matter what. The night wind blows, the hair flutters in the wind,plastic laminted tube, under the bright moonlight, the beautiful face seems to glow with a slight awn, like a goddess coming to the world. But, Meng Hui, you have to find out, just to help you. If one day something happens to you because of these things, I.. I can't guarantee what I'll do. The cold Thoreau fruit was suspended in her hand, and Xuan'e turned and walked slowly forward, her blue dress rustling in the wind. Looking at Xuan'e's back, Meng Hui's heart is full of mixed feelings, joy, touching, sadness. Leng for a moment, suddenly burst out laughing, shouted: "This is what ah, Xuan E, cosmetic plastic tube ,pump tube, you are not cursing me..." In the laughter, Meng Hui followed the beautiful shadow in front of him, and their figures walked side by side, slowly disappearing into the distance. In front of the Qionghua Palace, the four of them were still talking on the grass in front of the Qionghua Palace, but they seemed to be reluctant to say goodbye. Ziying, you have to promise me that even if we all go down the mountain, you will live happily and be the most powerful swordsman. Han Lingsha's eyes were sad, but she forced a smile and said, "If one day the swordsman becomes a sword fairy, don't forget to come and see me." "Yes!"! Don't forget me, I invite you to eat delicious roast pig, ha ha- "Yun Tianhe also giggled.". The three of them had already agreed to go down the mountain. Murong Ziying knew she couldn't stay. She was also sad. She was silent for a long time and said firmly, "I promise you.." If you accept this promise, you will keep it for a lifetime. Han Lingsha looked at Murong Ziying, turned her head, covered up the tears in her eyes, and sighed lightly: "Hey-I said a lot of things today that I wouldn't say at ordinary times. It's not like me at all." "It's hard to avoid some sadness when people are separated from each other." Liu Mengli also some dejected, at this time, suddenly heard the sound of rustling behind him, turned his head to see, bright eyes suddenly appeared a trace of splendor, "." Qing'er, are you all right? On the grass, the green snake was winding and gliding over, followed slowly by Xuan'e with an indifferent expression.
"Give this back to you!" Xuan'e glanced at Yun Tianhe and threw Thoreau Fruit in the past, but the force seemed to be a little too much. Yun Tianhe almost missed it as soon as he got rid of it. Xuan'e, you're just in time. Han Lingsha went up to meet him. "We've just decided to leave Qionghua." "Leave Qionghua?" Xuan'e asked in reply. Yeah, I'm not happy on the mountain at all. Yun Tianhe said, "but we're going to live at the foot of the mountain first, so that if the demon world comes, we can help Ziying.." "So.." Just leave. I'll follow you. Xuan'e said lightly. Ha, I knew you must be reluctant to be separated from us. Yun Tianhe happy way, on the contrary, the side of Murong Ziying see Xuan E answer so resolutely and decisively, between the eyebrows, can not help but cover a trace of gloom. On the other side, Liu Mengli has held the green snake in the jade palm. Qing'er, are you all right? What happened then? Liu Mengli asked with concern. I don't know, it's just a sudden fever. Inconvenient to explain to Liu Mengli, the green snake had to be vague and change the subject. Are you also going to leave Qionghua and live at the foot of the mountain? "This.." Maybe after we get the third cold vessel. Liu Mengli hesitated for a moment, turned his head a little, and suddenly asked, "." Qing'er, do you want to stay in Qionghua? If you want to stay, then it's nothing for me to stay. For their own sake, would rather stay around are cold-eyed Qionghua, and even to leave the present partner, Liu Mengli's mind, so that the green snake can not help but be moved, but also secretly frightened: how is it possible? Yun Tianhe and Han Lingsha are her partners, so in her heart, what do you think of me? How does this make me.. "What am I doing with Qionghua?"? See you get the eye? Leave well,custom cosmetic packing, leave well. The green snake shook his head repeatedly. "Qing'er, you are so kind. I knew Qing'er would not ignore me. Thank you!" Holding the green snake in her arms, Liu Mengli's smile blossomed like a hundred flowers. emptycosmetictubes.com